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His drag name could be “Paisley Chino”!

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In a move that will surely reverberate through every Drag Bar in Connecticut, the prepster retailers J.Crew has raised the anger of christian family organizations by ~gasp~ featuring a boy in an email who likes the color pink. And not heterosexual golf course pink, but H&M Nicki Minaj homo pink!

It all started when J.Crew’s President and Creative Director Jenna Lyons (who must be insufferable) included a photo of herself use hot pink nail polish to paint her son Beckett’s toenails in her weekly email to customers. Lyons wrote “lucky for me I ended up with a boy whose favorite color is pink”. This email promptly caused both Baby Jesus to cry and conservative groups to pounce on what they saw as a company encouraging its customers to “abandon all trappings of gender identity” and promoting transgenderism. The Media Research Center’s Erin Brown went so far as to write that “(Ms. Lyons’) indulgence (or encouragement) could make life hard for the boy in the future.”

So while I don’t think I need to tell you why adult conservatives criticizing a 6-year-old’s affinity for pink is ignorant and pathetic, I feel it’s my duty to point out that there may be a kernal of truth in those otherwise hateful statements: that Becket kid is SCREWED. However, his issues will more likely come from the ridiculous name his parents gave him and that fact that his mother is so WASPy and driven she probably shits napkin rings. No child in that situation, even one who follows strict gender rules, could grow up normal.


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

April 12, 2011 at 10:56 am

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