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I bet it was Black Squirrel

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I’m not saying that Texas has issues with an overly aggressive police system or that they condone violence against animals (their governor did shoot a coyote), but this controversy doesn’t seem to help.

For some reason, police in Mesquite, TX were called to the local Middle School when a baby squirrel was seen chasing students around in the school’s courtyard; then, fearing that the animal was rabid, Police Sergeant Wes Talley (pictured above) pepper sprayed the baby squirrel. Not so tough are we now, Texas? You train your teenagers to hurl homophobic insults but they can’t handle a baby squirrel? Losers. Also, leave it to state that executes more prisoners than almost any country to solve a problem with a squirrel with pepper spray.

Now, Sgt. Talley defended his actions against the biligerent rodent, but let’s consider the fact that squirrel was treated and later released back into the wild: either this animal was released because it wasn’t rabid and Sgt. Tallet maced a baby squirrel or Texas is going soft and letting their state be taken over by Mexicans Rabid Rodents!


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

April 8, 2011 at 1:49 pm

Posted in Law and Crime

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