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Okay I’ll attack the Left on Libya too….

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Sigh. Isn’t it pathetic that the best anger that the Left can muster comes in the form of Dennis Kucinich? Where’s their media empire of crazy?

Because the snow has finally melted and he is able to leave his burrow in the woods, Kucinich is threatening to get Obama impeached for bombing Libya without congressional approval. This hyperbole is a very silly interpretation of the War Powers Act which lets the President do just this kind of action.

Now Kucinich isn’t totally going out on a limb here: The Iraq and Afghani wars were probably unconstitutional because, as a student of the school of realpolitiks, we have to admit that while bombing someone is an act of war, it’s a whole lot bigger and act of war to send actually troops into a country to do nation building and counter-insurgency work. Sitting in the beautiful Mediterranean Ocean and lobbing missiles at the same spots we hit the last time we bombed Libya for a few weeks doesn’t seem like it’s the same commitment.

He’s also pushing to get this bombing campaign defunded and to that I say “good luck, brother”. How is Kucinich going to defund the fucking U.S. military by his lonesome when Republicans, who have a historic majority, can’t even successfully defund A Prairie Home Companion?

It’s times like this that it’s important to remember that while Kucinich represents part of Ohio and all voting members of the Fairy, Gnome, and Gremlin community, he doesn’t ACTUALLY speak for the Left.


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

March 23, 2011 at 11:59 am

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