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“Jew-bots, activate!”

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I remember when I was younger how badly I wanted to push the elevator buttons before my brothers were able to. Sure, pushing a button isn’t fun per se, but beating my siblings to it sure was. This my friends is what the conservative argument against the allied military strikes against Libya has have boiled down to: I WANNA PUSH THE (missile) BUTTON FIRST.

So, because for the first time in many years conservatives didn’t get to push the war button first, they’re sort of lost intellectually. They just don’t know how to feel right now and they’re saying anything that comes to their mind (I even saw Sean Hannity last night use the liberal argument circa-Iraq War 2.0 that we shouldn’t bomb one dictator because then we have to bomb them all). This editorial by Frank Gaffney, the man who flatly said he believed Saddam Hussein was behind the fucking Oklahoma City Bombing may just take the cake though. His argument? Obama, because he’s pushed around by a bunch of butch women, is bombing Libya as a pre-cursor to bombing Israel! Jew bots: activate!

So yeah, peruse this insanely dumb article if you want to feel a lot better about your own reasoning skills or basic grasp of the structure of world politics.


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

March 22, 2011 at 10:08 pm

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