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“Sure he’s my chief of staff, but I’m chief of his ‘staff'”

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Well it’s good to know that on St. Patricks day, when everyone is thinking about lepruchans, news has emerged about another kind of widely recognized yet equally imaginary creature: sexy young people in Washington D.C.

Josh Schwartz, the man who brought you all my 16-year-old dreams The O.C. and Gossip Girl is casting for a brilliant new pilot called Georgetown that “centers on the young people behind the power brokers of Washington, D.C.” Oooo that sounds, graphic? I doubt the CW will be allowed to show the actual amount of hardcore gay sex that happens with that crowd.

That said, I did a little digging and found some of the script for the first episode of Georgetown. Enjoy:

(Scene opens with a mile long line to buy a $12 cupcake at Georgetown Cupcake)

Zacston: Bro of all the cargo shorts and blue-and-white striped shirts you own, those are the nicest.

Bryson Knox IV: Thanks bro. But wait! Oh man you’ll never guess what happened to me at Starbucks on K street.

Zacston: Which Starbucks on K street? The one on 9th? 15th? 16th? 17th? 22nd? 23rd?

Bryson Know IV: The one that doesn’t have a scary hobo living in the men’s room.

Zacston: Oh you mean the one in between the two Chipotles.

Bryson Knox IV: Precisely. But you’ll never guess what happened! I heard someone ask Madison which college she went to and she said “she didn’t want to discuss that right now”.

Zacston: She must be on drugs! Oh wait, white people don’t do drugs in D.C. because then they can’t be president.

Bryson Knox IV: Indeed. I wonder if she isn’t being sexy-blackmailed by her Chief of Staff.

Zacston: Sexy blackmail is the worst kind of blackmail! We gotta help her!

Bryson Knox IV: Nahhh. First of all, that won’t advance my career. Second of all, it’s like 115 degrees out and humid as Jonah Hill’s ass crack.

Zacston: Wanna just go home and have wild gay sex?

Bryson Knox IV: Gotta do something until law school!

I’m….probably gonna watch it.


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

March 17, 2011 at 2:18 pm

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