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Arianna takes on the Gray Lady

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Okay, I know it may look like I’m just stealing items directly from Gawker now (what else is new), but I really feel like I need to comment on this ludicrous bullshit…

In a saturated online media world, websites fighting for site views and “Philly mom discovers home tooth whitening remedy!” ad money have gotten vicious. Bill Keller, the editor of the New York Times magazine section, implied the Huffington Post was shallow (“an oxpecker” eating the NYT’s “ticks”). Now the Huffington Post is fighting back, making fun of the New York Times for asking readers to “submit your (pet) videos”, implying that it’s Keller’s organization that is truly shallow.

Let me speak for the entire erudiate Western World when I say “awwwwww HELL naw!” Sure, the Huffington Post can be entertaining, but let’s not pretend it’s even in the same universe as the NYT. As someone whose blog’s popularity is also based on people googling the phrases “Kate Middleton+Celebrity Nipples” and “Christian Louboutin+Celebrity Nipples”, I encourage the HuffPo tone down their bravado.

Is the New York Times occasionally ridiculous? Sure. Is it smarter than the HuffPo’s dumb ass? I’d bet a million pet videos it is….


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

March 15, 2011 at 4:22 pm

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