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John Travolta missing his wig but with his beard

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Oh sure Scientology can cure psychic pain/launch your action movie career, but apparently it CAN’T over come male pattern baldness. Curse you, Zenu! This is a lesson that has been very publicly learned today by world-famous scientologist John Travolta. Look below to shatter your world/your mom’s sexual fantasies from the late 1970s.

This perplexing photo was taken of Travolta on vacation with his wife, and you can check out more of these very upsetting photos here. I mean, we all knew that Travolta wore a wig, but as someone who comes from a family that knows a thing or two about balding, it seems to me that if you are dumb enough to wear a toupee, you gotta freaking commit to it. It’s not like a scarf or ironic hipster glasses frames: you can’t have a fabulous Mitt Romney main one day and be Paul Giamatti the next.

Besides, how does that stupid thing stay on in the bath house? Oh no, I’m not suggesting Travolta is a homosexual, rather he is just very well scrubbed. By a bunch of burly men.


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

February 21, 2011 at 11:37 pm

Posted in Style and Fashion

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