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Blogs are dead. Long live blogs!

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The only thing that the New York Times likes to do more than announce the beginning of ridiculous bourgeois trends, is announce the end of ridiculous bourgeois trends. Both are equally silly, but there is something so whistful about the end of a fad that it also makes me weep into my cruelty-free roibos colon health tea.

Today, the Grey Lady has a terrifying article about the death of blogs. Oh my god zombie blogs! Well, it looks like if you actually sit down and read the article (how 20th century), you’ll find out that blogging is only really dying “among children ages 12 to 17 fell by half; now 14 percent of children those ages who use the Internet have blogs” because they prefer sites like Twitter and Facebook.

What, pray tell, does a 12-17 year old have to blog about anyway? Random embarrassing erections? Because twitter is much more effective at chronicling those frequent little miracles (“Jenny Thompson is wearing a sheer shirt @bonertown”).

The truth is teenagers simply don’t have the capacity to blog as well as adults because the part of their brain that makes fun of what celebrities wear is not developed enough yet. And do we really want a return of the era of angsty teen blogging on LiveJournal and such? Inch’allah Inch’Justin Bieber, I don’t think we do.


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

February 21, 2011 at 12:11 pm

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