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In the South we call it a “Jew Phone”

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If horse racing is the sport of kings, than NASCAR is surely the sport of…violent anti-government fax machine aficionados?

Just ask Minnesota Democrat Rep. Betty McCollum! After putting forward a budget cutting measure which would “ban the military from spending taxpayer money on (NASCAR) racing sponsorships”, McCollum’s office began recieving threatening messages from irate NASCAR fans. They even got a fax that began “Yo Slut Betty” (hey that’s “Yo Representative Slut Butty”) and just got filthier and weirder from there.

If I’ve said once I’ve said it a thousand times: NASCAR fans preferred mode of sending threatened messages is with the fax machine. They have those retro late 1980s mullets and helmet hair, so why not its companion communication technology? Of course no one said this is a great idea, as faxes are just way more traceable than angry calls made from random phone booths, but it’s that passion and determination that makes NASCAR the fine culture that it is.

Wow. Could this news story filed under sports have less to do with actual sports? I’m so lame.


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

February 17, 2011 at 5:30 pm

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