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A-muhr-ican Idol

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Perhaps because American Idol no longer captivates the nation like it used to, the G.O.P. has been having its own inspirational competition to see who the next great psychotic right wing congress person will be. Thankfully this is a race where it will not be possible for Ruben Studdard to get an upset victory—not because he’s not in congress (or famous), but rather because he’s not white.

First up, is the Kelly Pickler of the Tea Party Michele Bachmann: she has announced she’ll be delivering a Tea Party response to the State of the Union address, even though Rep. Paul Ryan is already delivering a Republican response. Ehh that seems a bit pitchy. She’s really got to bring it, and delivering a slightly crazier response that no one will watch is not gonna bring in those text votes.

Next is the newby Utah senator Mike Lee who tonight performing the classic G.O.P. ballad “Gun violence shows us why we need greater access to guns.” How many times are they gonna do this one? Lee’s rendition of this right wing favorite went something like this, when he told ABC News “(The Tuscon Massacre Shooter) wins if we, who’ve been elected, change what we do just because of what he did.” Wow that is a Kelly Clarkson level performance of what batshit conservative lunacy looks like. He might be the one to beat!

Well, it seems that Fox and finally stop looking like the world’s worst major TV channel for showing American Idol instead of the State of the Union address. God bless you, Rupert Murdoch.


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

January 24, 2011 at 2:37 pm

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