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Editorial: The GOP (tax) cuts off Obama’s balls

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During the 2008 presidential campaign, Jesse Jackson threatened to cut off Barack Obama’s balls for talking down to Black people, and now it seems that the G.O.P. has cut off Barack Obama’s balls for trying to talk down to White people.

In case the warm gooey layers of sarcasm that pervade this blog have convinced you that EPM’s editor is incapable of feeling genuine emotions, read this loud and clear: Barack Obama is a giant pussy for giving into the GOP on extending the Bush Era tax cuts. Oh sure he got some good stuff, like extending unemployment insurance, but this situation is like Barack Obama going to a fist fight, getting his ass kicked, and saying at least they didn’t mess up his hair.

Let me be blunt: Barack Obama, for however smart he is, did something really stupid. Politically, he gains nothing from this, as everyone reads this as capitulation and not bipartisanship. He also loses down the line, as continuing these tax cuts for the wealthy will expand the deficit giving more fodder to deficit hawks in the GOP and, since the plan lasts two years, makes renewing the taxes an election issue.

If Obama had just split the issue up he would have won: If they had said it’s critical to first extend the tax cuts for the middle class, something nearly everyone agrees on, he would have gotten that passed very quickly. Republicans who voted against would have to openly vote against middle class tax cuts, something that most Congressional Republicans want to do as much as officiate at an inter-racial gay wedding. Next, Obama could just stall on the upper income tax cuts, and if worse comes to worse next year under a Republican house, just veto the extension. Unfortunately, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi couldn’t get their causes together because they too acted like idiots.

When it comes down to it, Barack Obama is a smart guy but a terrible politician. I think he’s a good leader but I think he has no idea how to wield his political power. Don’t let anyone fool you, this tax cut extension is a big loss for Obama. He gains nothing NOTHING from this. Shit I’d get it if he picked up some political points on a bad deal, that’d be fine, but Obama, that stupid fuck, loses both politically and morally.

Let’s just pray that having the GOP in power will turn Obama from the wimp he is to the champ we want him to be.


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

December 7, 2010 at 2:14 pm

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