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Well here comes E!’s Federal Bailout…

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Remember back in the ancient days of the early 21st century when banks would hand just about anybody plastic squares that were filled with invisible money? Ha what primitive devices these “credit cards” were. Now, thanks to Glenn Beck, we have returned to the gold standard and squash bartering and we’re all a lot happier.

Except for those feckless Kardashians! Yes the Kardashian family, who Hillary Clinton totally burned the other day, has been endorsing their own pre-paid credit cards. Well now these Kardashian Kards have been taken off the market because they’re a massive rip-off.

An investigation by the Connecticut Attorney General’s office revealed that insane extra chargers on the card, including “a $99.95 charge to use it for a year…$10 card replacement fees, $8 monthly fees…$1.50 ATM withdrawal fees (and) $1 to add money to the card.” How will I turn my children into Kardashian-like vacuous spoiled whores if this card takes all my money?

The real card the Kardashians should have marketed would be based on their father and O.J.Simpson lawyer Robert Kardashian. The Robert Kardashian pre-paid Get Out Of Jail Free card let’s you murder your wife and her boyfriend get away with it!


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

November 30, 2010 at 12:36 pm

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