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Russian Roulette: Delaware’s official death sport

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What’s your favorite party game? Pin the tail on the donkey? Quarters? Get drunk and try to determine who else in the room is a closet Buffy fan? I’m guessing though no one reading this thought ‘Russian Roulette’ and ya know what, that’s why you weren’t cool enough to get invited to the awesome party I’m gonna tell you about…

Last Saturday several recent Central American immigrants in Wilmington, Delaware (probably after a very depressing conversation about Christine O’Donnell’s political future) decided to have a party where they played Russian Roulette. According to NBC Philadelphia (hooray for the Delaware Valley!) “one of the men refused his turn, another took the gun, pointed it at the man’s head and pulled the trigger” promptly killing the man.

See this is what the future of America is all about! People so full of cock eyed optimism they risk life and limb to get here, toil for years but still have the retarded positivity to play fucking Russian Roulette. Aren’t you glad that plucky immigrant energy runs through your veins (assuming you’re not an Native American–those guys have always loved death games). America: stupid but awesome I say!

I think we should maybe view this news story as like, an unintended tourism opportunity for Delaware. Come to Delaware–We’ve got so much fun stuff to do here you’ll want to shoot your friends in the face.


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

October 28, 2010 at 11:42 pm

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