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Sigh. Why couldn’t they have attacked the band Foreigner?

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Here is the essential problem with the Democratic party: it has no idea how to be aggressive. Seriously, when Lance Bass made fun of kids for being gay in his youth, he must have made a more convincing bully than the DNC.

As Republicans are running around accusing their Democratic opponents of trying to start some sort of gay socialist Caliphate, the D.N.C. has hit pack with all the intensity of a kneading kitten. In a scary new ad, which can be found here but isn’t hilarious enough to be posted on this site (I do have some standards), the D.N.C. accuses Republicans of “taking secret foreign money to influence our elections.” Oooh how cute, Democrats trying to be xenophobic!

Well the thing is that taking campaign contributions from foreigners is patently illegal, but it doesn’t seem like the Democrats have any proof of their claims. What a waste of D.N.C. ad! In trying to connect Republicans to nefarious foreign donors (who knows how many Deutschmarks they got from the Kaiser himself!), Democrats are overlooking the huge number of awful awful Americans who fund the G.O.P.

I know you people have New Yorker subscriptions! Go read the article on the Koch brothers: it’s all you need. Or you keep putting out stupid ads like this and in a few months enjoy the simple pleasures of nude fundraisers at David Geffen’s house and watch the country burn.


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

October 13, 2010 at 2:44 pm

Posted in Socialists

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