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Candidate caught with his Panzer down

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See this is why you don’t hire Jesse James to be your campaign strategist…

Rich Iott, a wealthy Ohio businessman who somehow won the Republican nomination despite the fact that his name is very nearly “Rich Idiot”, has proved to himself to be more than an idiot by appearing in a photo, shown below, dressed as a Nazi Panzer squadron Officer.

So was this just a one time only thing that serves as ridiculous reminder as to why we should wear Halloween costumes that are at least a little bit sensitive? No, because according to The Atlantic Magazine Iott has been in a Nazi re-enacter since 2003. Iott swears his Nazi-pretend time comes purely from his “historical interest in World War II” and that it was a “father-son bonding thing”. Wow I can’t believe people are upset about this! He’s just being a good dad: studies show kids who exterminate the Jews with their fathers are 20% less likely to use drugs.

I imagine Iott will probably pull out of the race soon. Ya know: to spend more time with his family, dressing up as Nazis.


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

October 9, 2010 at 1:50 pm

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  1. […] Well history lovers, I say don’t let them take away your right to re-enact the Civil War. But on your finest bears, get your best musket, get super drunk (that’s why people become re-enactors in the first place) and go demand a functioning government. Just don’t dress up like a Nazi like that Tea Party guy who dressed up like a member of the SS… […]

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