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You’re fired? You’re unelectable.

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Anyone who watches as much Fox Business News as I do (yayyy unemployment!) can tell you about the fact that gold has had a crazy rally of late. People are even buying gold by the ton (which I believe should be a measure called a “Super-villain holding the world hostage” ton)! And everyone wants to know why, especially this week, people have a case of gold fever.

Well this bit of news clearly shows why people want to make the oldest investment: Donald Trump is considering a run for the presidency. That explains it! If Donald Trump is elected president, the price of gold will skyrocket, as he’ll no doubt bulldoze the Capitol building and replace it with a very classy 24 karat gold Government center/Condos/Sex-themed Casino.

Donald Trump in a normal election cycle is, of course, unelectable. But if the U.S. economy is so bad that we all are fighting for gold nuggets at the bottom of creek beds that run through abandoned McMansion developments in California, Trump’s “Vote for me and win a free steak dinner” might actually be pretty appealing.

Vote Trump/O’Donnell in 2012!


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

October 5, 2010 at 4:18 pm

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