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The Washington Senator’s Guide to Winning

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Perhaps in a fit of 1980’s nostalgia (gotta love when David Axelrod rocks the Madonna fingerless gloves!), The Hill is reporting that the Obama administration has brought in 1988 Democratic Presidential nominee Michael Dukakis to give “advice about how to stave off electoral losses”. What did they not call Charles De Gaulle for advice on how to stave off military losses simply because he’s been dead for 40 years? These awful people…

And why stop at Dukakis? The Obama administration could call on a host of failed Democratic presidential nominees! Carol Mosely Braun, Paul Tsongas, and Bill Bradley can’t possibly be doing anything and would be more than happy to share their advice. Is the bar just set at the John Edwards level? Any Democratic candidate who is slightly more popular than that asshole gets to set electoral strategy?

Coming up next: Obama asks Lindsay Lohan for her advice on quitting smoking. Or maybe Wiley Coyote for advice on catching roadrunners? (If only the Obama administration wasn’t trying to subvert the 2nd amendment and take our Acme brand dynamite!)


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

September 29, 2010 at 11:20 pm

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