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A quick lesson from our German friends

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I want you to picture me writing this post wearing lederhosen, swinging a giant stein of beer and singing “Every time we touch”. You know, just as German as possible, because we have A LOT to learn from those Krauts.

So, as we all discuss whether we should invest ourselves more in Afghanistan or pull back, or as we totally forget about the same question about our future in Iraq, an interesting piece of news about war came out today. This coming Sunday, 92 years after fighting stopped, Germany will finally pay the last 62,000,000 Euros it owes in reparations from World War One. Yowsa 62 million euro clams! That’s a lot of Sauerbraten!

Now while I’m for committing ourselves in a smart focused way to remolding Afghanistan and a speedy and orderly withdrawal from Iraq, before anybody who reads this votes, let’s remember that Germany is still paying for World War One almost a century later. I know most of us don’t expect to have paid off our student loans by 2102, it’d be cool not to have to pay for another war, right?

Sehr cool!


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

September 28, 2010 at 11:54 pm

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