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How soon until he gets his own Bravo show?

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It’s sunday, so just as football teams suit up for games and families sit down for wholesome, Rockwell-ian suppers, another old timey, family-friendly tradition is happening once again: a prominent homophobic preacher with ties to the Bush administration has been accused of diddling other dudes!

Eddie Long, who should he ever go into gay porn wouldn’t really have to change his name, is a flashy successful Megachurch preacher from Atlanta who allegedly took a young member to his church “to Auckland, New Zealand in October 2008 for his 18th birthday and engaged in oral sex.” New Zealand? Is he a Lord of The Rings fan? Perhaps the duality of being a public homophobe but privately gay turned him into a Smeogal like creature, driving him into the arms of the Kiwis.

Long was of course BFF with George W. Bush, and can be seen here getting gay all over each other, and this development in Long’s personal life has made me realize something. After Ted Haggard and Ken Melhman, it seems like everyone who ever worked with Bush is coming out. You know what that means, right? George Bush was America’s first Fag Hag president! Girl chill us some Pinot Grigio and DVR Vampire Diaries, Dubya is coming to town!

I can’t wait to copy and paste this story in like two months when another architect of banning gay marriage comes out as light-in-the-loafers.


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

September 26, 2010 at 4:18 pm

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