Keep your government hands off my medicare!

Oh, this has nothing to do with Dermot Mulroney

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~Electric guitar chord~ Are. You. READY??? The Republicans are BACK man they are fucking BACK. These guys aren’t fucking around either they are gonna STOMP the Democrats and America the SHIT out of this FUCKING country. Just try and watch the video below and not pee your pants.

That’s right guys the Young Guns of the Republicans are releasing and book, and it don’t got shit to do with the Emilio Estevez-Charlie Sheen-Lou Diamond Phillips western movie of the same name (sorry for getting your career hopes up, Emilio and Lou). According to the book’s publisher: “This isn’t your grandfather’s Republican party…(Congressmnen) Cantor (the leader), Ryan (the thinker), and McCarthy (the strategist)…are changing the face of the Republican Party and giving us a new road map back to the American dream.”

AWWW SNAP. I want to be a rebel badass Republican! Like all classic rebels, the Young Guns are in they’re wealthy, in their mid-40’s, favor massive tax cuts for corporations coupled with drastic cuts to social programs. But you’ll also notice they also aren’t wearing ties or sports coats. Woah guys slow down! You just made the Republican Party KICK ASS again, let’s not go nuts here.



Written by Your Benevolent Editor

August 31, 2010 at 4:32 pm

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  1. […] Speaking of “The Young Guns”, Meghan McCain is releasing a book called Dirty Sexy Politics. Oh baby! McCain, with a coy come hither look, went on The O’Reilly Factor last night and said that conservatives “need to rebrand small government as sexy”. What the hell is sexy about government? What she and her girlfriends sit around, sipping cosmos and acting like the girls from Sex and the City while discussing abolishing the Capital Gains Tax? Hubba hubba. […]

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