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Vote Malignant in 2010!

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Argentine doctors just removed a massive tumor from a woman: it weighed nearly 51 pounds. Think that’s extreme? Try this on for size: the newly nominated Republican candidate for Senate from Alaska and Tea Party favorite Joe Miller has accused of having right-wing politics that are “too extreme for Alaska”.

Too extreme for Alaska? Holy fucking shit! It’s like -80 degrees there all the time: how can anything be too extreme for Alaska? Those people are fucking nuts. What does he want to baptize all the state’s bears? Drill for oil with nukes? Appoint Levi Johnston to be the head of the state’s abstinence education program? Aghhh!!!

The worst part is that unlike Sharron Angle, who may not be aware she’s even running for Senate, this guy may win, as his Democratic opponent has raised a paltry $5,000 and DNC spokesmen can’t even remember his name. Is there a process for revoking statehood? Because of Russia wants Alaska back I say let them have it.

I think I’m just gonna vote for that massive tumor.


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

August 26, 2010 at 2:29 pm

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