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Christian zealotry is SOOO ’02

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Hey guys, did you hear about this new iPod thing? Oh man it’s gonna be so awesome to listen to on my way to XFL games. But wait a minute, what’s this about a judge put a hold on stem cell research?

Since we’ve somehow entered a time warp to 2002, a US District Court judge sided with a bunch of Christian embryo-lovers and put an injunction against the federal funding of stem cell research. How retro! Maybe next he’ll put an injunction against removing Terri Shaivo’s feeding tube?

The Obama administration is rightly appealing the ruling, and the nation’s scientific community is stunned that this is an issue. Me too! Stem cell research is a good thing, and frankly it’s an issue we pretty much settled as a nation years ago, kind of like whether or not we want Vin Diesel to be a movie star. Stem cells are a go, Diesel is a no.

So while I’m all about finding cool retro stuff, I’m not into doing it if it’s going to make the lives of millions of sick people infinitely worse just to support some ignorant nutjobs’ religious hang ups. Speaking of zealots and Diesel, couldn’t they use their energy to say, help him find Christ instead of ruining science? That’d be awesome.


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

August 25, 2010 at 10:58 am

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