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Let me ask you a question America: Would you try a Grizzly bear in a court for have improper salmon fishing permits? Or TMZ for baseless slander and shoddy reporting? Or an anti-gay activists for crazy gay sodomy? No, for it is in their nature.

I bring this all up because it looks as though Rep. Charlie Rangel, the is-he-Black-or-Puerto-Rican-or-Jewish-awww-hell-he’s-probably-all-three 643,820 term congressman from Harlem, is going to trial for violating House ethics statutes. Oh you’re gonna prosecute a chubby lifelong politician is corrupt: what are you gonna do next, subpoena the Pope for being Catholic?

Okay so yes, Rep. Rangel rents 4 apartments at suspiciously low rates and didn’t declare $600,000 in income from a rental property in the Caribbean. But my God the man is the embodiment of that terrific fat smarmy East Coast politician stereotype! He’s the kind of guy who could sell a fur coat to the president of P.E.T.A., eat a three foot long meatball sub and then maybe have some “associates” of his blow up your cement mixer. In short: he’s so corrupt it’s charming!

So while what Rangel may have done was wrong, I still think it’s stupid to call it “shocking” or “indicative of Democratic corruption that will hurt them in the fall elections”. Maybe the guy, just, ya know, needed 4 rent controlled apartments to store all that chutzpah, and Nancy Pelosi shouldn’t fault him for that.


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

July 29, 2010 at 2:22 pm

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