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Most unintentionally hilarious editorial of the year

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Thank you internet, for saving me from total boredom today.

Christwire, the nation’s finest online conservative born again Christian news commentary site, has out done themselves with this editorial. Based on an equally moronic New York Times article (which like 1 in every 30 articles in this newspaper is about how there is some stuff going on in Brooklyn that’s kind of interesting) editorialist Stephenson Billings BLASTS the Times for it’s pro-hipster agenda. Check it out.

Some may claim this site is fake, but if it is well then holy Christ did they nail this shit on the head! This editorial has so many awesomely stupid oneliners:

-“I hate to burst the bubble of your retro Bazooka bubblegum, hipsters, but this is Sarah Palin’s America! Your silly antics won’t get you a pair of overalls and a slice of apple pie in the heartland.”

-“You people think you know anything about the heart and soul of human beings just because you signed up for that course at Vassar?”

-“I once lived in a crappy section of Clarksville and there were ethnics there and the lady I lived with had cats and fancied herself a portrait painter and she had cats! We used to watch Home Improvement together and argue about Ross Perot.”

SO GOOD. Jeez after reading this article all I wanna do is smoke a cigarette and cuddle.


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

July 28, 2010 at 11:34 am

Posted in Religion

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