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Pwease wewcome ow pwesident, Bawack Obama!

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Sure Obama’s been battling congressional Republicans for 17 months, but can he handle the twin evil banshees that are Elisabeth Hasselback and Joy Behar?? Well we can find out Thursday when Barack Obama is doing The View!

Of course there are those, like say Governor Ed Rendell or people with functioning central nervous systems, who say that The View‘s annoying discussion of pointless watercooler news stories mixed with reviews of last night’s Dancing With The Stars is beneath the leader of the free world, but if Barack Obama ever wants to lose that professorial stigma he’s gonna bow down to his evil mistress, Barbara Walters.

So does this mean that other lower-ranking Presidential officials will be going on even more moronic talk shows? I would kill to see Joe Biden do Wendy Williams. Here’s an exchange between Ms. Williams and VP Biden that I look forward to see: “Hey Mr. Vice President How-you-doin?'” “My god Wendy, you are one tall drink of chocolate milk! You look like stood up a canoe, slathered it in make up and dressed it like a tranny. Haha but I’m just kiddin’. You know Biden’s a lover not a fighter, right baby?”

Annnnnnd scene.


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

July 27, 2010 at 1:56 pm

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