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Wow, Comic Con is really getting out of control

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“I’d do what he says, he’s got a lightsaber and an imperial-class star destroyer.”

A Long Island man yesterday brazenly robbed a branch of Chase Bank dressed as Darth Vader. At first tellers and customers thought the man who came in dressed as the Sith master was joking, which required him to “(produce) a handgun from a bag and (scream), ‘This is not a joke’ to cashiers.” My god these nerds are testy! Did he say it in a Darth Vader voice or could he not do it because of his retainer?

This incident comes as Comic Con, the sci-fi and fantasy industries’ biggest annual event where super fans emerge from their mother’s basement to yell at movie industry types, has been accused of “jumping the shark” by the Los Angeles Times for being too big and too popular.

So has the fact that Hollywood has thoughtlessly embraced comic books as a way to produce more shitty blockbusters (Daredevil anyone?) driven fan boys, like the Darth Vader bank robber, to break the law in impudent and acne-scarred rage? Time may just have to tell. To be on the safe side though I think we should arrest everyone involved in both Fantastic Four movies.


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

July 23, 2010 at 10:17 am

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