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Follow up: Tanning tax is racist!

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Last week we brought you a story about how the new tanning tax is a big scam to make money for the government off of stupid people. Now however the Washington Post  is pointing out that the tanning tax is racist! Oh my lord it is hard to be white with a disposable income in this country…

Commenters on the Post‘s article about the new tanning tax were crying foul, saying that because really only white people use tanning beds, the tax itself is just another example of- as Glenn Beck put it– the Obama administrations secret Black Panther racism. I’m with you Glenn and the totally not idiotic weirdos on the internet! Obama’s tax on tanning is just part of his insideous plot to enslave the white race and force them to dance poorly for his amusement.

That said, the following other lifestyle based taxes are racist because they effect one group more than others:

-Taxes on liquor sales are racist against Irish people and members of Greek organizations

-Taxes on auto-insurance are racist against terrible Asian drivers

-Sales taxes on adult diapers are racist against older people and those who want to buy their husband a HILARIOUS 50th birthday present

-Estate taxes, which don’t exist this year and mostly effect multi-millionaires, are racist against America’s most beleagured minority, it’s plutocrats.

Perhaps it’s a testament to how far African Americans have come that people can call the first black president a racist…


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

July 9, 2010 at 10:50 am

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