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White chicks

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Remember a few months ago when Sarah Palin called herself “a mama grizzley” and I called her a shape shifter? Well her political action committee NAMBLA SarahPAC has released a new ad showing this, her most triumphant bear-focused speech, with a conscipuous lack of, you guessed it, non-white people!

Now it’s certainly not news that the tea party is whiter than Austrian mountain snow, but you’d think if SarahPAC spent all this money putting together a commercial full of schmaltzy piano music to go over her ludicrously horrible speech (say “fundamental transformation” again, I dare you), they could also have at least spent the money to photoshop in one prominently placed minority.

It’s important to note that this piece does not accurately reflect the racial make up of Sarah Palin’s “mama bears” either. I would like to point out that unlike the average Tea Party Rally, American bears are brown, black, and white and seem to coexist just fine without calling Obama a tyrant. Also speaking of animals, at 1:32 she refers to herself and other tea bagger women as “pink elephants”. I don’t know why she would call her audience a bunch of obese lesbians, but please leave the pachyderms out of your whites-only fantasy world.

So please Sarah, if you’re going to drag these noble creatures down with you into your swamp of ignorance, have the deceny to kill them from a helicopter with a sniper rifle first, okay?


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

July 8, 2010 at 2:43 pm

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  1. […] a minute, I thought Sarah Palin loved momma grizzlies? Maybe it’s time for me to stop thinking about what a horrible meeting of idiocy this is and […]

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