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Scott Brown is a sexy sexy quitter

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God damn that Scott Brown and his ruggedly handsome duplicity!

After being integral to the negotiations for the Congress’ sweeping and desperately need Banking reform, Brown announced that he was going to vote ‘no’ on his own bill. Voting ‘no’ on your own bill? This reminds me of one of those Maury paternity test episodes where dudes with the bad mustache insist “Yo Maury I know dat ain’t mah baby”. It’s your baby Scott!

That asshole Brown (which you will note is the color of poop), decided to back out because he didn’t like the fact that banks would have to pay a $19 billion tax for totally fucking up the world economy and then making all that money back while the rest of the country struggled. Now that that tax will likely be scrapped, he still is non-committal.

Fuck you Scott Brown you dumb yankee! You’ve quit everything you’ve ever done. First it was being a porn star, then it was being the defacto President for the Tea Party, and now it’s your own legislation. Do us all a favor a quit the Senate too, okay? You’ll make plenty of money as Barney Frank’s pool boy.


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

June 30, 2010 at 6:06 pm

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