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Recent events have kept me from blogging on my regular schedule, but some news stories are so monumentally ridiculous that I feel the need, nay, the obligation to post this a video online. If this doesn’t prove my long standing hypothesis that having a child turns your brain to a baby-food like mush, nothing will. Check out this Huggies commercial that is not a parody:

I can’t tell which is crazier: the commercial’s shockingly high production standards or the fact that it sounds like the beginning of a Lady Gaga song. While the baby is clearly the star of this video, one wonders what went wrong in the lives of the actors in this commercials. Did the death of Alexander McQueen rob them of their regular modeling gigs? Clearly limited edition jean diapers are the next logical step down on the fashion chain.

Oh but won’t someone think about the children! This really ridiculously stupid product is capable of destroying an entire generation. America’s babies are already doomed because they’re all named after the characters from twilight, do we really need them wearing jean-style diapers? And what about the fact that America’s dumbest-and-richest love a good pair of expensive jeans? Are we just weeks away from $300 skinny jeans diapers? I can’t begin to imagine the mess that will make.

Indeed, is there anyway that we cant just return to the decent, god fearing ways of the 1950s and make it illegal to say “poop” on television? If you wouldn’t tattoo it on your ass, why would you wanna hear it on TV?


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

May 29, 2010 at 4:34 pm

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