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“Poop Dick”

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Some poor public defender, who pushed aside the temptations of making millions in law to humbly serve our nation’s citizens, has finally got their breakout nationally reknowned case. The operative term in this now notorious event? “Poop Dick”.

On May 17th, four men were arrested in Concord, New Hampshire for allegedly forcibly tattooing a 14-year-old boy. These four horrible people, according to the police report, tattooed the words “Poop Dick” and “a drawing of a penis” across the victim’s buttocks. When questioned, it turns out this league of extraordinary gentlemen didn’t even know the boys name, referring to him in official police transcripts as, you guessed it, “Poop Dick”. Wanna know the worst part about the whole thing? These douchebags, pictured below, were all between the ages of 18-20.

What a winning group of guys: they look like the living embodiment of Meghan’s Law. Seriously if your going to commit such a ridiculously stupid and cruel crime, you’ve got to step out to the plate as adults and write something better than “Poop Dick”. What about “We should send all puppies to Auschwitz” or “9/11 was hilarious” or, even worse, “Rand Paul for Senate”.

“Poop Dick” doesn’t even make any sense! If this isn’t proof that America’s educational system is going down the tubes, I don’t know what is.


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

May 21, 2010 at 11:19 am

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  1. […] of the 1950s and make it illegal to say “poop” on television? If you wouldn’t tattoo it on your ass, why would you wanna hear it on […]

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