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A charming rant about libertarians

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Well that didn’t take very long, now did it? Rand Paul, son of famous conservative Texas Congressman Ron Paul, won the Republican primary for Senate in Kentucky on Tuesday, and by Wednesday he was already being called a crazy racist. I have to say, in an era where most politicans seem so hopelessly paralyzed by politics, it’s nice to see someone get so crazy ignorant with such speed and agility.

Yesterday, Paul appeared on the Rachel Maddow Show (Oh Rachel, how I love thee) and in no time managed to suggest that the Civil Rights Act was an infringement on the rights of businesspeople. To quote the New York Times, when asked about the Civil Rights Act (which passed four fucking decades ago) Paul “appeared uncertain about whether he would have supported forcing private businesses to desegregate in the 1960s, suggesting that might run afoul of his libertarian philosophy.”

This is the problem with libertarians: while sometimes they’re fun (hooray for drugs), sometimes they’re just awful (get rid of medicare)–this is one of those awful cases. While Paul said he favored desegrating the government, he did say that it doesn’t really have the right to force private businesses to do anything. Paul (because anyone with a nickname as weird as ‘Rand’ has got to be a gun nut) went on to compare not serving patrons based on their race to not serving patrons based on them being armed.

Oh libetarians: being a gun owner is not the same as being African American. Rand Paul’s crazy father might have snuck him a pistol in the womb, but almost everyone else becomes a gun nut and is not born one. African Americans, on the other hand, are born their race and, as Vanilla Ice and Kevin Federline have proven, no one is able to become one. Therefore,  discrimination based on choice must be treated differently by the government than discrimination based on biological identity. I should have every right to throw Rand Paul out of my store if he brings in a gun, but I shouldn’t be allowed to toss him out based on the fact that he was born retarded.

Sometimes people are just so stupid I want Rachel Maddow to hold me in her strong, masculine arms and tell me everything is gonna be okay.


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

May 20, 2010 at 4:41 pm

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