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Trend watch: 7 year old Strippers

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If any trend since the Great Recession began could be declared the most important, it wouldn’t be 3-D movies or frothing-at-the-mouth conservative anger, it would be ‘Single Ladies’ tribute videos. As we all know (well, unless you are over 60 years old and only the internet as a means to share photos of your grandchildren), there is a plethora of ‘Single Ladies’ video recreations online: From a big fat guys, to adopted Korean children, and about 5,000 different gay guys, the internet is slowly just becoming a place for pornography and Beyonce parody.

This trend was all well and good until a recent ‘Single Ladies’ video appeared online that is so perverse watching probably violates most statutory rape laws.

Holy mother of mercy! Was this dance co-choreographed by Sue Sylvester and Roman Polanski? I don’t know which is scarier about this video- the fact that these girls are dressed and dancing like hookers or that they are doing it so well! And look at the intensity in their eyes: is this a little girls’ dance recital or a North Korean titty bar? What kind of creepy thoughtless parents is like ‘Look at my little girl on stage shaking her money maker’? Oh, right. Joe Simpson.

So I am about ready to declare the ‘Single Ladies’ parody trend over. It’s gone from cute and clever to stupid and, in this instance, a border-line felony. What a NSFW turn in my week of all female-focused articles…


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

May 12, 2010 at 4:05 pm

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