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Gotta love those A-hole states

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Something is up with the states that start with the letter A. First, Alaska barfs out Sarah Palin, then Arizona passes a law allowing cops to arrest anyone they suspect of owning a ripe avocado, and now out of Alabama comes some moronic and bigoted news. Bigotry in Alabama? I’m just incredibly shocked- really, what is this world coming to?

I am of course referring to the new advertisement by Tim James who is running as a Republican for governor. In the video below James (whose father Fob [as in Fresh Off the Boat] James was previously governor) says when he’s governor, they ain’t gonna offer no driver license tests in no Mexican-talk or faggy French.

What a terrific ad! I love the weird long pauses- is he looking around the room for undocumented workers? He should try his kitchen or his lawn. More importantly however, Mr. James, let me be the first to say no. No you don’t. No one in their right mind has ever accused people in Alabama of speaking English (not if they can help it anyway). Let’s here some real Alabamian and you tell me if it’s English.

Shit this woman seems smarter than Tim James (and she’s a Hillary supporter too!). “Maybe it’s the businessman in me ~awkward thoughtful pause~” but I think she should be running for governor, under the platform that to those 12 languages that drivers license tests are offered in they will add ‘Drunk dirt bike riding Redneck who looks 60 years old but is actually probably 40’.

Y’all think I got enough Camel points to take that language over at that there community college next see-mester?


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

April 28, 2010 at 10:41 am

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