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UPDATE: Re-fried racism

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Tragically, the openly racist bill passed by the Arizona legislature that enshrines racial profiling into laws was signed by their politically embattled and ethically challenged governor Jan Brewer. We discussed this law last week and it has become clear that citizens in Arizona and across the United States are not going to sit by and watch us become an apartheid state. While this blog is usually snarked-out-to-the-max I have to say with complete honesty that people should get involved in this very important issue.

However, earlier today some protesters went to far, committing both vandalism and the equally stupid crime of mixing metaphors! In a kind of thoughtless-yet-hilarious way, someone smeared re-fried beans into the shape of a swastika onto the windows of the Arizona capital building. Check out the picture below:

Okay so you have to give them credit for creativity- it’s a pretty hilarious idea to boot, but it’s important to remember who tends to draw swastikas on buildings: skin heads who deface synagogues. So unless the protester was a neo-Nazi/huevos rancheros enthusiast, they kind of missed the mark. If you have to use a swastika (it’s so over-exposed, thanks to the Tea Baggers, that’s it’s kind of the Jon and Kate Gosselin of racist symbols), better to build a giant Nazi flag out of re-friend beans and sneak it onto the roof of the capital building.

We promise we’ll keep you guys up to speed on all taco fixins’ related protester art work.


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

April 26, 2010 at 3:42 pm

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