Keep your government hands off my medicare!

I ‘reasonably suspect’ you’re a racist

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Arizona, California and Florida’s bastard child, has decided to prove once again that it’s a state that takes being “tough on crime” to delightfully offensive levels. So watch out illegal Mexican immigrants! You better get ready to pay for being born into poverty.

The Arizona senate today passed a bill 17-11 that adds ludicrous new restrictions to the state’s already adorably abused undocumented immigrants (clearly you shouldn’t legislate with sunstroke). First, it makes it a crime to transport an undocumented immigrant, which would make Arizona’s buses criminal enterprises if that state had any public transportation. Secondly, the bill also makes it illegal to employ day laborers off the street. Day laborers were often hired in this way for construction jobs, but now that Arizona has more foreclosed McMansion’s than people, this seems like legislating against slave trading or whaling.

The most insidious part of this bill however is the fact that Arizona’s police officers can now aggressively determine the citizenship status of any person they encounter assuming there is “reasonable suspicion” that they may be undocumented immigrants. Watch out the ten Danes living in Arizona! Surely you ergonomic chair loving bastards are the ones who are going to receive the brunt of this racial profiling.

The question is why limit this harassment to illegal immigrants? What about other suspicious looking potential scoff laws? Why not arrest people in Subaru Outbacks for being drug smoking hippies? Or arrest old white men, who make up the Arizona senate, for violating Latinos’ 14th amendment rights? I ‘reasonably suspect’ that’d be an awesome outcome of this moron-storm.


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

April 20, 2010 at 4:05 pm

2 Responses

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