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Followup: Crazy really is a growth industry

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In a followup to a ground breaking story we at EPM brought you last week, it seems as though another teabagger favorite has been making some moolah as well this year. ABC News has released an estimate suggesting that Sarah Palin has made $12,000,000 over the past 9 months. Hot damn: Think how many wolf hunting helicopters you could buy with all that green!

My question is why was Glenn Beck able to make $32 million to Sarah Palin’s paltry $12 million? What explains that $20 million discrepancy? Perhaps Fox News pays by the hysterical tear drop, and since having feelings requires a functioning hippocampus, Sarah Palin is ineligible for these funds. I’m also curious as to how much money other teabaggers like Michelle Bachmann have made in the past year–Bachmann of course receives her congressional salary in sheep’s blood and the bones of infants, which may keep her financial success below that of Gov. Palin.

This story is really kind of sad but does explain a lot. Sarah Palin is so poor she can’t afford paper so she has to write on her hand! Let’s just thank God she isn’t wasting her money on contraceptives for her children….


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

April 13, 2010 at 6:21 pm

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