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P.R 101: Don’t dress like a Nazi when you’re still famous

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If I had asked you a year ago if you thought that by April of 2010 Sandra Bullock would win the Oscar for Best Actress only to have it be revealed that her husband was a sex-addicted nazi lover, you probably would’ve asked when I found the mescaline. Funny how things can change, right?

It seems as though Sandra Bullock’s husband Jesse James, pictured about giving the Nazi salute, not only liked to bang tattooed chicks but also (maybe in keeping with the tattoo theme) is a fan of the Nazis. Well done Jesse: by bringing the Third Reich into your crazy sex scandal you totally beat out Tiger Woods. Really all you can say is “Mazel Tov”!

More importantly, this incredibly stupid moment demonstrates a little known but fundamental fact of the public relations trade: don’t get photographed dressed up as a Nazi. Indeed this photo was taken in 2004 when Jesse James’ show Monster Garage was on the air, proving that if you just have to dress up like a Nazi, try you’re hardest not to do it before or during your cultural relevancy.

The only time it’s suitable to be photographed in a nazi salute is AFTER you get famous–basically once Celebrity Rehab is no longer interested in your gimics, then it’s perfectly fine, nay necessary, to grab your digital cam and dress up Goebels.


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

March 31, 2010 at 1:57 pm

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