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Now back to you, tweeting anti-Semite

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My grandmother used to have the non-sensical phrase “The best goy (non-Jew) hates a Jew”. I have no fucking clue what my beloved yet totally ignorant grandmother meant by that, but apparently when given the chance popular culture will never disappoint in throwing the occasional bit of rabid anti-semitism at you.

You see, CNN has recently made Twitter a featured anchor, and the website ranks somewhere between Barbara Starr and Larry “Oh my god it’s the walking dead! Kill it! Kill it!” King in the station’s hierarchy. Problem is that anti-semites, like all other crazy people, love the internet; thus when you give them unfettered screen access thru the web someone is bound to say something horrible. Check out these recent embarassing screen shots below:

“Jewish Lobby runs America” and “Israel is Greedy”? Since when is this news? Wolf Blizter of all people can tell you that us Jews just happen to love running the world. So what if to attain world domination we perform Satanic rituals? All powerful people do. You’re telling me Mitt Romney, like Wolf Blitzer, isn’t paid for his speaking engagements in the fresh blood of baptized Christian babies? It’s simply the industry standard.

So, the stupid thing here is not necessarily what was said in the tweets, but rather that an institution as moronic as Twitter has suddenly become an indispensible part of the already moronic Cable news biz.


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

March 19, 2010 at 3:42 pm

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