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How is it possible that I’ve been blogging about American stupidity for several weeks now and have yet to even mention Joe Biden? I, like most Americans, find his drunk-uncle-who-says- embarrassing-things-at-the-thanksgiving-dinner-table routine mostly cute, and therefore I cannot stand idly by as the right wing slams our Vice President for being a gaffe machine.

On Saint Patrick’s as tradition would have it, Brian Cowen, a representative of the Irish government, came to the White House to celebrate the one day of the year when being a pasty Irish redhead isn’t considered a huge turn off. Naturally, that’s when the Joe Biden Gaffe Machine went into hyperdrive. Vice President Biden, in introducing Minister Cowen, honored Cowen’s mother saying “God rest her soul”; Unfortunately for Biden, Cowen’s mother is very much alive-Cowen’s father is the dead one. To his credit, Biden quickly corrected his mistake and then gave the podium over to President Obama.

I want to defend Joe Biden here for a minute. Biden is pretty freaking Irish, and I’m pretty sure in that culture it’s considered rude to assume someone’s mother hasn’t died from the drink.

So let’s cut Biden some slack. He’s only human, and try to banish gaffes from his public appearances would definitely be harder than banishing all the snakes from Ireland. I am right Saint Patrick?


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

March 18, 2010 at 11:21 am

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