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Bart STUPIDpak (I’m so funny) waxes political

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Bart Stupak, the now imfamous anti-choice Democratic representative from Michigan, is upset with his Democratic colleagues over of healthcare. Stupak managed to get language inserted into the House of Representatives healthcare bill that banned federal funding for abortion services. Now however, because the House has to pass the Senate’s baby killing bill to keep health care reform alive, it looks like Michigan is in for yet more bad news.

“They just want it to be over” Stupak complained to the National Review. Well no fucking shit Sherlock! How many hours of political strategizing did that conclusion take?

Healthcare reform, in its own way, is like a break up. Obama knew that America and the Health insurance companies would be better off as friends, and while he still want them in our life, the logic went, but maybe with a little more distance since we don’t like who we are with them. But instead of a quick “it’s over” this process has turned us into Whitney and Bobby: we’re screaming at each other, accusations of infidelity and socialism are being thrown around, and I think the GOP may try to burn Obama with a crack pipe.

So yeah, Stupak, of course Democrats “Just want it to be over”. And while that insight was pretty fucking obvious, I have to say it’s cute and kind of personality satisfying to watch your woman hating ass pout because its been left behind by your own party.


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

March 15, 2010 at 9:58 am

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