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TX puts the “God” back in “Oh my god what is wrong with Texas?!?”

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Do you guys remember when George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Ronald Reagan, Jesus Christ, and Phyllis Schlafly got together and through a divine miracle wrote the Second Amendment and then the rest of the Constitution? What a special moment.

This is soon to be the sense of history that school children in Texas will get from their revised Social Studies textbooks if conservatives have their way. The Texas State School Board- which is the nation’s second largest purchaser of textbooks- is in discussions to update its history curriculum in ways that supposedly promote America’s “Judeo-Christian foundation”. Can I say by the way I love the whole “Judeo” part- it’s so pretend PC from a people who if they got the chance would love to see my horns.

The changes to the history curriculum would involve dropping those little known far left programs like the New Deal and the Great Society to focus on true American history: like that awesome time when Ronald Reagan punched the Soviet Union to death. God ate that shit up son!

The question is why just stop at making the nation’s history classes more conservative friendly? How about math? Why do two apples plus two apples equal four apples? Because the free market works! What about getting rid of French and Spanish classes to decrease the number of dreaded homosexuals and illegals? I say the bible is the only Judeo-Christian biology text book my kids need!


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

March 12, 2010 at 3:49 pm

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  1. […] the news today the the Texas Board of Education, who you may remember six months ago try to Jesus up the state’s influential history textbooks, are now claiming that the new textbooks are too soft on Islam. Conservative members of the Board […]

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