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ACORN funding restored by B-movie actress

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In a stunning reversal, Judge Gina Gershon of the Brooklyn Federal Appeals Court has struck down the Congressional ban on government support for ACORN. God what a strange story: here I thought Gina Gershon was just a hot dirty looking Jew broad that appeared in crappy movies and may or may not have given a BJ to President Clinton, and now she’s a judge. What’s that? It’s judge NINA Gershon? That must be a stage name.

More importantly, the right wing hysteria that essentially destroyed the community organizing group ACORN was perhaps one of the past year’s dumbest stories. ACORN got busted for advising pimps on how to avoid paying taxes on their prostitutes and committing voter fraud- but the thing is anyone who has ever worked at a non-profit will tell you that the sex trade and phony voter registrations are the fundamentals of that industry. You’re telling me you couldn’t walk into the March of Dimes, slap ten dollars on the table and NOT get a tug job and an absentee ballot?

Seriously though, the right wing fear of Acorn is deeply unfounded. Unfortunately, Fox News and its aged white audience has confused their own innate racism and anti-urbanism with a left wing conspiracy. Believe me tea party morons, the left is WAY too disorganized to make an effective conspiracy.


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

March 11, 2010 at 4:30 pm

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