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The Local Food Movement has jumped the Sustainable Shark

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Sigh….all good movements must eventually come to an end. Like their hippie parents at Altamont before them, the generation of thirty something chefs and food producers who were the backbone of the Farm-to-Table and Local Food movements have finally had their Fonzy-like crescendo of idiocy.

Chef Daniel Angerer, who is pictured above and totally doesn’t look like he’ll kill you and serve your meat in a pie, is serving cheese made from his own wife’s breast milk at his restaurant Klee Brasserie in Manhattan. Jeez that’s the kinkiest thing to happen in that Chelsea neighborhood in YEARS.

Now, I am a big supporter of the Local Food movement, but something about eating cheese made from human milk skips some vital intellectual and sanitary steps. Sure, cheese made from breast milk is very sustainable, but some how I don’t like the idea that the animal that produced the product can also sell it for $42.00 a pound at the Union Square Farmers’ Market. This story also follows on the heels of a piece in the New York Times about a seminar held in Brooklyn on how to kill and butcher your own rabbit, confirming that this recession is so bad that hipsters have been reduced to producing their own food inside their 150 square foot apartments.

I mean come on, what is this, Sarajevo in 1994? I say if there aren’t death squads roaming the streets keeping you from growing food outside your apartment, you should get a little land and make it there. Maybe I am just being judgemental as I have yet to taste this idiotic and fairly gross new cheese product, but I’d still have to say that this idea isn’t, hahahahahah, the tits.


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March 9, 2010 at 7:58 pm

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